Our new SwimHeat system will revolutionise the way you heat and enjoy your swimming pool. This eco-friendly technology will enable you to extend the swimming season, even maintaining a higher water temperature, at a fraction of your current running costs.

With rising energy bills only set to keep climbing, the SwimHeat system not only gives your family much greater opportunity to use the pool for more of the year, but also significantly reduces your running costs for the future.
The system has been manufactured and installed for swimming pools in Europe for over 25 years. It is designed specifically to heat large volumes of water and maintain a consistent temperature for domestic or commercial applications.

Our team will survey your pool and infrastructure, then we will design a bespoke system for you, according to your equipment and usage requirements. The SwimHeat system can replace your existing expensive pool heating equipment or be installed alongside and supplement it.


Swimheat systems will only ever be installed by our qualified team of technicians who have been trained by the product manufacturers and are also fully qualified to work with the refrigerant gases in the system and have been factory trained to install each size of system.

Depending on the size of the system which are relatively straight forward to install, the process could take 2-5 days. At the end of the installation process we ask for an hour handover with you to run through the system and hand over the SwimHeat owners guide, warranty forms and system log book, as there is really no maintenance for the customer to undertake this is purely informational.



We offer all our customers help and advice anytime, and also offer a yearly service to the equipment which consists of:

  • System Pressure and tightness test – To ensure no leaks and soundness of system
  • Service all equipment in the block to ensure 100% efficient
  • Re-charge system if necessary
  • Replace any seals, valves on the system that might be compromised.
  • The yearly service is a one payment per annum which covers all of the above, and the system for the next 12 months if out of warranty.

Installation Procedure

The installation process is very important to the performance of the product, that’s why at Poolspa Energy we only use the newest technology, quality components and fittings, and our tried and tested Vulcan system.

To make the system perform to maximum efficiency  it is very important that the gas has little restrictions on the flow through the pipe work as possible, at the same time ensuring that connections are kept to a minimum to reduce potential issue’s on start up. With the alternative to our method – “brazing the pipe work” – is certain to double the amount of connections, restrict flow, and give a very uncertain joint when undertaking this procedure on a roof, or trying to do this method outside all year round in the UK.

Also with our roof rail system that the panels get fixed to we can ensure all pipe work is fixed for total security and fit for the weather that we face.

This is why we design each install and pipe work run after the site survey to ensure we can make the system perform to its maximum and give the customer peace of mind for the best installation possible for years of hassle free operation.

Roof Rail System

The panels are designed to sit on a fixed rail system for security and give airflow across both side of the panel for maximum performance.

Block & Heat Exchanger:

The Block and Heat exchanger are fitted to the existing plant room equipment and replacing the old heat source ensuring the equipment is professionally installed and placed for future maintenance.

Pipework Security

The pipework needs to be secured at strategic points throughout the install to ensure no movement and compromise to pipework in any weather conditions.


Less Joints And Connections For Better Performance

We use soft copper pipe specializing for refrigeration gas, where we use equipment to make the slow bends that help the flow of gas and reduce the amount of connections to the system for maximum performance.


We use the Vulcan system fittings which are the most effective way of connecting pipework, which Vulcan boast an impressive 99% success rate. This provides a sound and secure fitting that is a more professional install.

The Heat Collectors Installation

The Heat collectors are attached to the roof rail system when all of the most difficult pipework has been run, to ensure that no damage to the pipework run and roof tiles.

The Gas And Vapour Line

The gas and vapour line is run ensuring the even distribution of gas through the heat collectors for maximum efficiency.

The Return Line

The return line is the last pipe to be run and at this point all pipework and fittings are checked and final insulation fitted for thermal efficiency.

The Complete System

The system is then tested for pressure and tightness to the pipework, vacuumed out to ensure all moisture is out of the system and finally filled with the eco- friendly R407C gas to the point where a super heat of 20 is reached for the maximum performance of the system for years to come.


Want to find out more?

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