Spa Heat

PoolSpa Energy is proud to introduce the latest product innovation for the spa industry. With our unrivalled experience installing our Swimheat system for swimming pools we have designed and manufactured the very latest heating technology for any spa or swimspa.

PoolSpa Energy offer the very latest energy saving heat technology and our product portfolio is designated to dramatically reducing running costs, increasing the customer usage, reducing the carbon footprint and enabling you to use your spa or swimspa all year round at your desire temperature without the concern of costs.
The Spaheat system is designed to be integrated into any spa and will negate the use of the expensive existing electric element. The spa will work in exactly the same way but by introducing the Spaheat system you will have the benefit of heating the spa using clean, green energy.

All spa manufacturers have different build qualities and insulation methods, which actually affect the overall running costs, which mean that some spas cost more than others to run. However, because the Spaheat technology works 365 days a year, 24 hours a day with a fraction of the power consumption needed to run a 3KW electrical spa heater, the savings and user benefits are outstanding.

Technical Specifications

Thermal Power (w) 2000
Absorbed Power (w) 300-500
Tension/Frequency (A)/(Hz) 230/50
Ambient Temp. Scale (ºC) -5/45
Min/Max COP - 2.5-5
Cooling Fluid - R134a
Dimensions HxLxP (mm) 300x410x340
Weight (Kg) 30
Spa Temperature (ºC) 40

How Does The Technology Work?

  • The ecological refrigerant liquid is fed through the panel collectors, the liquid vaporises due to the air temperature – anything above -15°C – this then increases the pressure.


  • The hot gas is then passed through the titanium heat exchanger to heat the water.


  • The hot gas is passed through the thermodynamic block and pressurised raising the temperature further.


  • The gas, now starting to cool, is passed through a valve to revert it back into liquid form to start the process again.

Product Benefits

Technology designed to run for the UK climate 12 months of the year.

Reduces the running costs by 80%.

2 year full comprehensive warranty.

Replaces the expensive existing electric element.

Only installed by PoolSpa Energy qualified installers.

Clean, green energy.

No product maintenance.

Retro-fits to any existing spa or swimspa.

Designed specifically for spas and swimspas.

Collector and block can be fitted anywhere.

Environmentally friendly product.

System Range

The four models available are designed to cover all sizes of spa and swimspa, to keep the desired water temperature in the set running times of the spa or in standard mode.

The system works in conjunction with the existing spa equipment and is controlled by the existing pc board and topside of the spa.


6' - 8' Spas, 1-2 Panel System

The system will enable you to have your desired temperature of water for your pool all year round for total relaxation and only at a fraction of the cost.


12' - 20' Swim Spas, 2-4 Panel System

These units are designed for fitness, health and relaxation all in one.
The SpaHeat system will ensure the use if the product without high costs in the future.


The installation will be undertaken moderately easily within a few hours by our Fgas qualified engineers. All we need prior to installation is the make and model of the spa and that we can access the spa equipment.

The Solution…

With depleting fossil fuels and the ever increasing prices, the Spaheat system offers a real alternative to exorbitant fuel bills. Please call us for a no obligation survey and quotation to see how much money you could be saving while making the most of your spa leisure time.