Innovaspa - 13amp Plug & Play


About the Innovaspa hot tub

When you buy an InnovaSpa from PoolSpa Energy, you're not just buying a spa; you're also buying the full support of our customer network.

InnovaSpa is a subsidiary company of Innovaplas - a manufacturing leader of rotationally molded polyethylene pool steps and ladders for over a decade. Success led to expansion and and the acquisition of Lumi-O International in 2008. That acquisition included a rotomolded polyethylene spa program. InnovaSpa was created to continue, expand and improve this program and to add design innovation to the spa industry.

Today, we're #1 because our quality, our smart engineering and common sense features make the Urbania your best spa value. InnovaSpa is also an avid supporter of the fight against breast cancer. We are proud of our ongoing contributions and we invite you to inquire about our "Go Pink" program.

Traditionally, spas were manufactured solely with acrylic shells. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of polyethylene to make spas. Why? Because polyethylene has many new benefits to offer.

Polyethylene is a reasonably priced and extremely durable plastic that is virtually indestructible. It won't chip or break. It is recognized for its strength and its ability to retain its shape. A spa made from polyethylene is one piece. Structurally, it is stronger than a traditional acrylic spa and other than a quick wash of surfaces with soap and water, there is virtually zero maintenance to polyethylene.

Polyethylene is classified as an "inert" material. That means you can't dissolve it and that it won't react with other chemicals, including those used to sanitize and maintain a spa. And because it will not hold bacteria, polyethylene is also one of only a few select plastics that the FDA has approved for use with food.

Polyethylene is waterproof and cannot get waterlogged. That's why polyethylene is so ideal for kayaks, canoes and spas. And because it is recognized as a heat insulator, it adds energy efficiency to many of the products that are made from it. And finally, polyethylene is light weight, which makes a polyethylene spa a truly portable spa.

The Premium 110-13 Spa



Size 206 x 180 x 89 (cm)
Approximate dry weight 136kg
Approximate full weight 1180kg
Seating 4-6 (multi-level)
Jets, stainless steel 21
Drain Valve 1
Waterfall Cascade LED
Lighting LED Package
Ozone Ready (not included)
Structure Roto mould polyethylene
Insulation Rock Wool
Equipment pack - Balboa GS500
Top side control - Balboa VL406U
Pump - Balboa 1.5Hpr, 2 speed, 50Hz, 220v
Heater - Balboa 2kw
Power requirements 220v / 13amp
Electrical certification CE Approved
Cover - 3/2 Vinyl Standard
Cover - Lifetime polyethylene Optional

Innovative Design

110-13The design of the Urbania was influenced by European designer bath tub creations that stress soft curves and body comfort.

Unlike traditional squares or rectangles, the shape of the Urbania is unique. It has curb appeal and it gives a fresh look to your spa. The outer surfaces are textured for durability and to retain a finished look.

The inner surfaces are smooth and comfortable to the touch. The captain's seats have a textured area to help prevent sliding and the floor of the foot well and the top of the cool down seat are accented with a faux rock pattern finish for added charm.

Equipment & Jets
Waterfall & Lighting